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Above & Beyond Group Therapy LA @ The Shrine May 17, 2012

Right before the crowd sings “Don’t forget, forget about a thing called love,” you can hear someone next to me say "This crowd makes my heart go insane." Now isn’t that the most wonderful feeling?

Excuse my finger at the end, I got a little excited heheheh :)

Text conversation from earlier tonight between my dad and me when I went to go see Above & Beyond. I love our unique father-daughter bond <3

Group Therapy LA

I feel so at peace. Any negative events that have taken place within the past few weeks… they don’t matter anymore. I am becoming stronger with each passing day.

Tonight was just so perfect. Company of one of my best friends here at UCI + fantastic music + meeting chill new people? Can’t get any better than that. :)

The people, the experiences, everything was just so amazing. Above & Beyond does something to me that no other artist does. Trance music envelopes my heart, but Above & Beyond is one of very few that manages to take over my entire being.

Afterwards, twin & I walked around for a while to talk and catch up. We’ve both been pretty MIA for the past few weeks so getting to talk to him again was really nice.

I need more nights like these… <3